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Hymn World 0.3.1 release

Published February 15, 2014 11:42 am

StorePromo-414x180We just released an update for Hymn World. It adds new 13 hymns to the existing collection of hymns. It also fixes some bugs when network connection is slow or flaky. Also note that if the network is slow, it may take longer to load the lyrics; you will see the progress ring for a longer period; be patient.

Since the hymns are added by volunteer effort, it takes longer to process and add new hymns; thanks for your patience. We saw request for search by author name in a comment recently. We will keep it on cards if there are more such requests. thanks for your feedback.

Responding to feedback for Hymn World

Published August 2, 2013 11:20 am

There was a recent feedback on the Hymn World through windows store rating. Thanks for sending feedback.

A very good App with a few flaws
I highly recommend this app. I like the fact that the sheet music is included with each hymn incase you want to play it on the piano. I just have a few problems (pretty minor) with the app. When playing the hymn, there is only a pause button.  It would be good if a rewind and fast forward option was included. Also, an option to resize the text on the hymn and its sheet music would also be great. All in all a great app. I give it 4 stars, but if these issues were fixed I would gladly give it 5.


Let me respond in parts.

  1. Yes, rewind & fast-forward options are good to have. but they do not look straight forward to implement. We are currently busy with the next application. We will add them to the feature requests.
  2. Regards zoom in and out, it was earlier request by other users and already exists. you can use touch ‘pinch’ action or (ctrl key + mouse wheel) to zoom in/out.

Thanks for your valuable feedback; share it with your friends and happy playing your favorite hymns.

Hymn World feedback

Published March 7, 2013 11:02 am

3/3/2013 2:25 AM

Missing many good hymns  Jeremy 3-start-rating

Such as Victory in Jesus, The Solid Rock, The Lily of the Valley, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, Were You There, Sweet Hour of Prayer, etc. Also A Mighty Fortress uses an unpopular translation. There are also duplicates of Christ the Lord is Risen Today. On the other hand, the ability to print scores is very nice.

Jeremy – thanks for taking time to write feedback. We do take feedback seriously. Regards the missing hymns – we are only able to bring the hymns which are in public domain; they are analyzed, formatted & published by our hymn expert. Also note that he is a volunteer. So – after new hymn request it may take some time.

Victory in Jesus –  there are multiple hymns titled “Victory in Jesus”, but the most popular one (and I’m guessing the requested one) was written in 1939 and is still under copyright protection.

The Solid Rock – is already present. The actual title of the hymn is “My Hope is Built”.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Lyra) –  you’re correct that there have same lyrics. But they have different tunes used for the same lyrics.  There are actually multiple hymns in the same situation, including “Blest Be the Tie that Binds”, “Dear Christians One and All Rejoice”, “Happy the Man Who Feareth God”, and numerous others.  Most of them are old hymns whose usage grew up in different places with different tunes. We will see if we can add the tune name in the title to bring more clarity.

A Mighty Fortress – This is a difficult question.  There are many translations and composites out there. Translations continue to be tweaked and reworked in modern days, and the translation that is mostly used in the USA today might be that in the ecumenical “Lutheran Book of Worship”, which is copyright 1978.  It is such a “core” hymn that everyone likes their own.  The more common one is the revision of that tune by Bach.  In this case, we will see if we can add second translation using the Bach version of the tune.