Responding to feedback for Hymn World

Published August 2, 2013 11:20 am

There was a recent feedback on the Hymn World through windows store rating. Thanks for sending feedback.

A very good App with a few flaws
I highly recommend this app. I like the fact that the sheet music is included with each hymn incase you want to play it on the piano. I just have a few problems (pretty minor) with the app. When playing the hymn, there is only a pause button.  It would be good if a rewind and fast forward option was included. Also, an option to resize the text on the hymn and its sheet music would also be great. All in all a great app. I give it 4 stars, but if these issues were fixed I would gladly give it 5.


Let me respond in parts.

  1. Yes, rewind & fast-forward options are good to have. but they do not look straight forward to implement. We are currently busy with the next application. We will add them to the feature requests.
  2. Regards zoom in and out, it was earlier request by other users and already exists. you can use touch ‘pinch’ action or (ctrl key + mouse wheel) to zoom in/out.

Thanks for your valuable feedback; share it with your friends and happy playing your favorite hymns.

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