Amortization Schedule Calculator

Published March 6, 2013 4:15 pm


Amortization schedule calculator is a must have calculator to calculate EMI and manage payments for your home mortgage, auto loan or any other kind of loans. Whether you are computing amortization schedules to decide on a loan, managing existing loans payments or considering to do extra principal payments to get debt free early – this application will help you.

Given the loan amount, term, interest rate, additional principal payments (if any) and the start date, it gives you the monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan. Each monthly payment has the interest and principal component breakup. It lets you share the schedule by mail or save to a csv file.

Last 5 computations are saved for your reference. They will be available for future reference on all your windows 8 devices.

It will help you get visibility into your loan interest and principal payments month by month. It can help you see how extra principal payments impact future payments, and reduce the term of the loan. You can track multiple loan schedules by referring your last computations.

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